Nanometer Zinc Oxide

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Nanometer Zinc Oxide

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Particle of nanoscale zinc oxide has nanoscale, so it has double characteristics of nano material and traditional zinc oxide.
Compared with traditional zinc oxide product, it has large specific surface area, high chemical activity, adjusted fineness, chemical purity and particle shape as required, photochemical effect, good ultraviolet ray shielding properties and ultraviolet ray shielding rate up to 98%. It has distinct properties of antibiosis, bacteriostasis, flavor removal, enzyme prevention, etc. Nanometer zinc oxide product has high activity and functions of shielding infrared and ultraviolet rays and sterilization, and is widely used for sunscreen cosmetics, functional fiber, self-cleaning antibiosis glass, sanitary wares, sewage treatment, photocatalysis, etc.
Application Range:
1. Application in rubber industry: When used as vulcanization activator and other functional additives, it can improve glossiness, wear resistance, mechanical strength and ageing resistance index of rubber product, reduce the usage of common zinc oxide and prolong service life;
2. Application in ceramic industry: When used as ceramic glaze and flux, it can reduce sintering temperature, improve glossiness and flexibility and has excellent properties;
3. Application in national defense industry: Nanometer zinc oxide has strong capacity of absorbing infrared and large ratio of absorptivity to heat capacity, can be used for infrared detectors and infrared sensors, has characteristics of light weight, light color and strong wave absorbing performance, and can effectively absorb, attenuate radar wave and apply to new wave absorption stealth materials;
4. Application in textile industry: It has good ultraviolet shielding and superior antibiosis and bacteriostasis, and can endow textiles with functions of sunscreen, antibiosis and deodorization.
5. Coating, cosmetics and other application fields: Shielding efficiency of zinc oxide is obviously higher than titanium dioxide. Meanwhile, refractive index of zinc oxide (n=1.9) is less than titanium dioxide (n=2.6), has lower light diffuse reflection, and makes fiber transparency high and facilitate textile dyeing and finishing.
Packaging and Transport:
1. Inner plastic and outer braiding double-layer packaging
2. Standard bag weight: 25kg
3. Package according to customer demands
4. Guard against damp during transport and storage
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